We don't have enough Good Design

Look, I can admit that good design is more common place now, but its not enough. There are more opportunities for good design to exist thanks to the internet, the global market, services like Kickstarter and etc. but its a slow process. Walking into the mass public shopping centers - we still see the atrocities. Can we move on? What would it take for people to get on board with good design?

What do I mean by good design? How about products that are designed be useful and last more than 20 years? How about products that are built outside of current trends, that can withstand the test of time not just functionally, but visually as well? How many products can you name that can hit that simple criteria? There are a few, but I believe there should be more.

Whats the point? I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I believe more people should surround themselves with good design because it can help in several ways

  • Good Design can inspire creativity
  • Good Design can keep you calm and focused
  • Good Design can be cheaper in the long run
  • Good Design is just better


Dmitry RusakovGood Design