It's a lot easier to improve something...

... than to create it from scratch.

Ever feel daunted under the weight of a potential project? Or perhaps you know you'd like to do something for yourself and you're just overwhelmed with the responsibility of inventing something new. This is the life of anyone in an innovative field. How do you stay relevant and how do you come up with the next best thing that everyone will absolutely love? 


Heard that one before?

I'm sure you have. It's not new, but it underlines my point. You don't need to reinvent something right away. Well, let me back up - if you have an amazing new and original idea - you bet you should be going out there and putting all your effort into making it happen. Especially if you absolutely believe in it. But, if you're struggling to invent something - Don't. Find something to improve. Find something that doesn't work quite well, or you always thought could use a better design or a better solution to the problem. Use that insight to fix that product instead of waiting for someone else to do it. 

The act of diving into the project and working to improve it will actually lead you to new paths and solutions you've never considered. Working on something will make it yours. Take a look at Dyson. James Dyson didn't invent the vacuum - but he solved a lot of the issues those products had at the time. And guess what? It lead the company to new insights, new approaches and new potential products.

He's no longer building that one vacuum he wanted to improve - he now has a powerful and meaningful brand (we own 2 Dyson vacuums). He had the burning desire and the passion and the commitment to get this done and he did it. You can apply this lesson to get you going on any project.