The boiling point of "Maybe"


If you read anything on inspiration, it’s recommended that you constantly and consistently create great work, taking small steps to improve on what you’re doing. Day in and day out. All the time. 

That’s the goal - at least. 

But, what happens when you’re stuck in a situation where you constantly think thatthere is a better way, but you’re stuck in a loop unable to do anything about it?

- Maybe there is an easier & smarter way to execute the same product

- Maybe there is a way to systemize the busy work so you can spend more time on design

- Maybe there is a way to make the design more user centric

- Maybe there is a new feature that everyone is afraid to add because it will challenge the market

- Maybe there is a way to make something more modern

- Maybe there is a way to bring better design to it

- The list goes on..

What if you’re stuck in that “Maybe” loop and you can’t get out? Getting more and more frustrated by the day? 

One way out is to finally recognize that all these “Maybe’s” are a potential path to something new. A new idea. A new product. A better way. Instead of getting upset at whats going on around you, it’s best to learn and take note of every important “Maybe”. Take note until you begin to reach the boiling point. Where you have no choice but to take action. 

So maybe it’s ok to start with questioning what’s around you, to start looking for “Maybe’s” or at least enough of them to send you over the boiling point. And once you’re there, you can use the energy to reach that consistency and start improving on what you’ve started.  Day in and Day out. All the time.