Peeking at Process.

There's value in understanding what you hold in your hands. How it was made. Where it came from. The work behind the finished product. With advent of technology and manufacturing processes, it can sometimes be a mystery as to how the object in your hands was made. In the past it was simpler, you knew how your knife was made because you can visit the local maker and discuss the object and the process behind it. You'd be able to go and see how it's made, maybe even influence it.

Things are a little different now - with software and services at the core of many popular objects, understand how these objects are made is much more difficult. Handmade? Automated processes?

Apple does a great job of explaining the work that goes behind creating their products, and they turn it into a great marketing story. Did anyone care about diamond tipped, milled chamfers before the iPhone 5? Did anyone care about different grades of aluminum and why they’re much better than the previous grade? Unapologetically plastic? This marketing story is a way for them to connect the object to the customer. It's a way for the customer to understand the value that they hold in their hands. 

The reason we like seeing the process behind the products is that we like to understand the work that goes into it. There’s tremendous value in that. So, show your work. Show the process. Tell your story. The lessons is letting your customer gravitate to your story, and then connect with your work.


#everydaycreativebattle 29/365

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