Why Brands Grow

I've written about why some brands die. I wanted to to make a list of why some brands tend to grow. 

  • They have a purpose
  • They think long term
  • They understand the customer
  • They value good design
  • They innovate
  • They hire great
  • They’re lean
  • They look for the new
  • They don’t get comfortable
  • They rage against something
  • They have passion
  • They embrace failure 
  • They learn
  • They scale
  • They don’t overstuff the market
  • They deliver value
  • They form partnerships
  • They nurture talent
  • They act like people
  • They embrace change
  • They act quickly
  • They carve their own path

There isn’t a set of rules to create a brand that will grow. It takes hard work, effort and love to create something great. The trick is to continue pushing even when you reach success. Always acting as if you’re the underdog. Too many brands innovate, grow, then get comfortable, get bureaucratic, get big, get lazy and start to focus on sales instead of focusing on what made them great. 

Think big but, act small. Be human. And embrace change.


#everydaycreativebattle 37/365

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