The Next Archetype

Archetype definition: a very typical example of a certain person or thing.

Archetypes exist in every product demographic. We’ve all seen them, we’ve all been exposed to them. For some those Archetypes define product categories, while others see the Archetypes as boring. The thing with Archetypes is that they tend to evolve - more so now with the ever increasing pace of technology. The archetype of a camera is now in the shape of a cellphone - and if we compare that to the camera archetype from 20 years ago - the design is fundamentally different. Even if we look at the phone itself - we’re looking at drastically differently designed objects.

Couple this with the fact that we’re entering the next phase of consumer. GenZ is about to start spending and from the research at hand - we’re looking at a different spending and buying patterns. GenZ has a completely thorough understanding of Brand and what those Brands mean to them.

There is an opportunity to create and define the Next Archetypes. This goes beyond technological breakthroughs, I believe this applies to most products we’re dealing with day to day. The world is is now global, more digital, more open, more service based - these differences if compared to even 10 years ago should drive new solutions and new expectations. I believe it won’t just influence the high tech products - I believe it will influence every product. There will be the rise of the Next Archetypes - a reset of standards built on top of new materials, new technologies and old lessons. I look forward to exploring that next wave.


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