Making it harder than it has to be

There is always more than one way to do something. Always. 

Some people choose the easy way and some choose the hard way. What’s interesting to think about is that anyone reading the previous sentence will instinctively prefer the easy way. We want to get something done with the least amount of resistance facing us. 

We tend to choose the easy way because we want to get to the next thing. We want to not upset anyone. We want to do things quietly and without notice. The alternative, the hard way, can be a source of exposure. A source of frustration and stress. But, the hard way can also lead to greatness. 

The hard way is when you speak up at the meetings. The hard way is when you do the necessary research and come prepared. It’s when you take full responsibility for your decisions and expect others to do the same. The hard way is when you call out those who refuse to take responsibility. It’s when you fill in all the necessary gaps and push the team to become greater than the sum of its parts. The hard way is when you’re pissing people off because you’re asking the right questions. When you see the world for what it is and your’e not afraid to talk about it. The hard way is when you’re there to create something new and be an agent of change as opposed to another cog in the machine - avoiding to ruffle the feathers and stand out. The hard path is usually the way - and very few choose to take that path.

Make it harder than it has to be - because, if you don’t, someone out there is working, making it harder than it has to be for her, working to take it all away from you.

Dmitry N. Rusakov

#everydaycreativebattle 56/365

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