How to Disrupt Anything

Disrupting an industry is a daunting task. It requires effort, work, knowhow and absolute commitment. It's not impossible - it's difficult. And like any difficult thing - it's rare because most people don't attempt to do it. 

  1. Decide. You have to decide you want to create a meaningful change. Disruptive change is the most powerful change. Disruptive change is rare and it even more rarely happens by accident. 
  2. Learn. Before you can break the rules, you need to understand them. Learn as much about the industry as you can. 
  3. Listen. Sometimes we have to quiet down and listen and observe to see the world around us. Far too often we rely on our preconceived notions and we solve problems before fully understanding the situation. Be open. Be immersed. 
  4. Forget. Forget every limitation. Forget every piece of information that makes you think “we tried this before”. Become open to new. 
  5. Goal. Where will you disrupt? How will you disrupt? What’s the end goal? Create your beacon.
  6. Explore. Go out and see as much as you can. Experience new things. Immerse yourself in the new. In the obscure. In anything that makes your mind race. Travel. Let your mind race. Put yourself in a position to be creative - your environment directly affects the outcome. 
  7. Meet. People empower people. Look for 1+1=10. Find those who share the end goal - but, who want to do it in a different way. 
  8. Discuss. Every meaningful achievement has hours and hours of discussion behind it. You need to be able to talk about your ideas. You need to be able to refine them, dissect them, destroy them, and then rebuild them. Discussion is key. Having a great partner helps. 
  9. Work. Don’t forget the work. If it’s hard work, it means your’e on the right track. If you can’t do it, it means you’re on the right track. If it seems impossible - it means you’re on the right track
  10. Destroy. Destroy your work. Be your worst critic without loosing sight of your goal. Let others destroy your work. Encourage destruction - but, don’t let it become a distraction. 
  11. Rebuild. You can’t disrupt without rebuilding. Your first ideas will likely be old ideas. You need to iterate and rebuild as many times as you can. 
  12. Prototype. Test your work. Let others test your work. Repeat steps 7-10 as many times as necessary until you have something disruptive. When you’ll have it, you’ll know you have it.
  13. Push. If you’re the competitor - what would you do if you got your hands on your own prototype? What would you change? How would you improve it? How will you make it better?
  14. Outdo. Overdo. Don’t settle for what you’re able to deliver - you can do better. Always. Fake it if you have to. 
  15. Arrive. In style. Arrive so no one will forget your arrival. Arrive as if everyone has been waiting for you to arrive. Don’t forget to disrupt the arrival. 
  16. Deliver. Deliver on your promises. Over-deliver on expectations.
  17. Repeat. All the steps. Disruption is temporary. The minute you announce your disruption - someone is working to out do you. Be the one who disrupts yourself. 

Dmitry N. Rusakov

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