In Defense of Multi-Tasking

Single tasking seems to be a current trend. With an ever growing list of distraction we’ve become chronic multi tasking robots, we are constantly distracted, constantly in need of doing something else and yet constantly bored. It’s a logical solution to get you to focus on a single task. Shut off your phone and get to work. Finish the one most important thing. Right?

The thing is: Multi-tasking is not the enemy here. The enemy is lack of focus on what’s important. If you play the long game, if you focus on what you need to do, multi-tasking the most important elements can be a positive. 

Multi-tasking shouldn’t mean you’re watching Netflix while trying to solve a problem. No - that’s you distracting yourself with entertainment. Proper multi-tasking should be taking a quick break to read about the latest news on your industry and going back to your related project. It can apply to anything as long as it adds to the benefit of the long term thinking. 

Will the one task help you in the long term?

Will the two overlapping tasks help you in the long term?

If the answer to both the questions is yes - then multi-task all you want. It works for some and not for others - you have to find what works for you. The trick is to keep thinking in the long term.

Dmitry N. Rusakov

#everydaycreativebattle 69/365

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