The Unknown

Creativity is about exploration. It’s about pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. It’s about testing your own limits. At times that may lead you into the complete unknown. It may lead into areas and markets and categories that are completely foreign to your experience. If there is money involved the unknown can be dangerous. 

How do you tackle difficult, unknown projects without fully understanding your landscape?

The answer is exploration and preparation. 

There is fast and aggressive preparation and then there is slow and methodical preparation. In the 60’s NASA set out to land a man on the moon. A project with boundless unknowns at the time. Danger was part of the equation. They moved quickly nonetheless. It was a phase of innovation, exploration and complete and passionate creativity. The achievements are still amazing. 

We can see the same thing with NASA today (to a slower extent) with them preparing a mission to Mars. There are many known challenges - and there are many unknown challenges. It requires taking baby steps. It requires testing. It requires learning and failing. Just like with anything, an organization that is half a century old has to be methodical and careful about doing things right. There’s a lot to learn there. There’s a lot to prepare. 

The unknown may be dangerous and difficult - but, it’s not impossible. And not only that, it may lead to innovation and new achievements. Doing the hard work tends to pay off - even if it’s dangerous. 

Dmitry N. Rusakov

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