There is no luck.

I recently watched an episode of “Comedians in cars getting coffee” where Jim Gaffigan asks Jerry about he lucky it is to be where he is. 

What follows is an absolutely real reaction that directly explains why those who believe in luck are likely the same people who aren’t willing to put in the work. 

“When do I get the credit?” - Jerry

That’s the truth in a nutshell. It can take countless amount of effort and work, years of trying and failing and learning - but, in the end the narrative is boiled down to luck. It’s never the case. Luck can be created; you can create favorable conditions for yourself by surrounding yourself with good, creative people, by learning as much as possible, by doing the work, by paying your dues, by giving more than receiving. Luck will be the result of hard work - not a one in a million stroke of fortune. 

Luck isn’t real in the creative field. Those who use the line “I guess I got lucky” are just being humble. Don’t wait for luck to come around. As the saying goes - “Real man (or woman) makes his own luck”.

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