Simplify. Always.

As organizations grow, more people come on board, more specialization happens, more management is required. It’s chaos theory. Things just tend to get more complex with time and more complex with success. It almost seems unavoidable. However, past a certain point it’s no longer 1+1=2. Sometimes 1+1=0.5. 

What this means is bringing more people on board justifies creating internal layers, it justifies more meetings and it begins to justify more mediocrity and less sound decision making. 

So how do you know what the right number is? How do you know if you’re too big? What if you need this many people?

In my experience simplifying as many things as possible around the workflow helps. Creating complex systems. Creating standardization. Creating meetings and complex sign offs just leads to a company and organization that can move at a glacial pace. You don’t need 5 people in the room to make a decision most of the time. And you definitely don’t need those 5 people for 30 minutes. Email. Messaging. Skype. and all those other services tend to be driving complexity.

Consider seeing people in person. Consider preparing options for the decision makers. Consider suggesting. Consider being concise and clear. Consider less meetings and more focus on actual work. Consider simplifying existing processes instead of adding new ones. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - that quote applies to all aspects of life.

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Dmitry N. Rusakov