Take ownership

“Thats not my decision”

“I’m waiting for them to decide”

“The team is fence sitting”

“We’ll decide at the next meeting”

Taking ownership in an organization can be difficult. Many people usually involved. Many interests. Many personalities. That’s just one level. The next level is people who refuse to take ownership because it might expose them. It might expose their weaknesses. It might end up being a negative outcome and thus will expose them as such to the organization. Those are some of the negatives.

The positives are numerous as well. If you take ownership for projects or decisions it allow you to grow. It exposes you to the rest of the organization. It makes you learn. It lets you drive and achieve success.

The key is to truly take the ownership. Whether its negative or positive - you take it, you own it and you live with it. Everyone would be clamoring for ownership if only the positive aspects were a sure thing. The reason why not everyone wants to be exposed is the potential for failure. If you’re there to learn more and to grow, taking ownership is likely a way to get you there quicker. Take it. It’s usually there for the taking.

#everydaycreativebattle 152/365

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Dmitry N. Rusakov