Why small can win over big

I don’t know much about the companies in Silicon Valley, but I’m guessing this rule applies there as well. The larger the organization and the older it is, the more unresponsive and slow it becomes. That formula can likely be calculated. 

Older companies are likely run by older systems. They adhere to older rules. They do business the older way. They see past successes and try to replicate them. They think they know the market and understand the customer. Mind you, this has nothing to do with age. An older company can employ people out of school and raise them into their older systems - some of those people will become believers. When you hear something often enough, you begin to believe it. 

So, why am I talking about this? Those old companies are/were likely the leaders in their industry. Slow to adapt. Slow to change. Preoccupied with the wrong things. That’s the insight. That’s what every small player needs to understand. The trick is to not become big and cumbersome and move with the times, adapt as you need, do the right things and always be open to change. Something an old organization can never do without drastic measure.

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