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We believe in causing no unnecessary harm. We use responsible and renewable materials that work well with the athlete and have been proven for generations. We value durability and longevity over disposability.


We believe performance is a never ending race. We strive to make the best product in the world for a specific type of customer. Someone who expects absolute performance and versatility from their equipment.


Running is the pursuit of the self. We believe in helping the athlete become a better person through sport, through nature and personal expression.



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We approach every design with a clean slate. Inspired by legendary designers & thinkers like Buckminster Fuller, Dieter Rams and Victor Papanek. Careful observation, understanding and momentary insight can lead to profound inspiration for new solutions. Within the cross section of Nature, Movement and a sole Runner, one can find an intimate understanding of the problem. 

It’s not just about just creating new products. It’s not about embellishment or exaggerated marketing technologies and terms. It’s about purity of function expressed in purity of form. 

Based in the heart of Montreal, we inspire ourselves from the various elements that blanket the city. From winter storms to perfect sunny days and everything in between, the city offers a tantalizing variety of conditions pushing us to solve problems and find new solutions for all levels of runners.